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Funding for 2018 Spring Otter Survey
We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded some funding from the ERIC North East Small Grants fund to help with the costs of the Spring Otter Survey.  A huge thank you to ERIC North East.
October 28th 2017 - Otter Walk, Durham area
We had a lovely walk along the River Wear in the late afternoon. There had been several otter sightings here in the previous few days including two that morning. Unfortunately, otters do not appear to order and we were unlucky. There was a brief glimpse of a kingfisher though and lots of otter chat.
We hope to be arranging another walk in a different part of the region in the Spring so keep checking here for details of that.
June 2015 - European Otter Workshop Stockholm, Sweden
The European Otter Workshop took place at the beautiful Museum of Natural History in Stockholm at the beginning of June. It was attended by a lot of people involved in otter research and conservation from all over the world and the presentations outlining the different challenges faced by both otters and conservationists were very interesting.
Vivien attended and gave a presentation on the DWT Otter Survey and how citizen science volunteers are making an enormous difference to the amount of knowledge we have about otters in the North East.
The paper that the presentation was based is now available here on the IUCN Otter Specialist Group website