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The Otter Network

Surveyor Training

The group has an open membership so that any individual can join and leave as they wish.


We are not currently charging a membership fee but will gratefully accept donations at events or on an ad hoc basis.


If you wish to become a member or make a donation please visit the contacts page, click join or send us an email and we will send you the details.


As a member you will be invited to walks, talks and to take part in our annual otter survey and spraint collection events. We will also keep you up to date on workshops and conferences which may be of interest. If you sign up for an event you will receive a free gift from our selection of survey guides, magnets or the Otter Network car/window sticker.


We will also collate all of your sightings records  to ensure that the local records centre - ERIC North East - have the most up to date data for our area.

All donations are vital so that we can purchase insurance to run our events, provide training and keep the website running.


Without you there is no otter research in the northeast.


Membership includes 2-4  newsletters per year, updating members with activities, research conclusions and wider stories of interest to otter enthusiasts

For those wanting to be involved in survey work, you will be invited to our free training events and provided with a survey pack.

You will be informed of other talks, conferences and workshops.

Take part in our Spring Otter Survey at the end of April. Training in otter survey techniquies and field skills is provided.

External Events
In house events and activities

You will have access to resources including books, survey guides and survey equipment.


If you would like to purchase your own reading material we recommend:


Paul Chanin's recently updated 'Otters'


The newly released 'Otters of the World' by Paul and Grace Yoxon


or as a survey guide:


Tracks and Signs FSC guide

You will be invited to take part in spraint collection and analysis which will combine with the knowledge of leading otter DNA specialist in an attempt to answer old unanswered questions with new DNA technology